About Us

Shekinah Media Europe is part of Shekinah Ministries, a Lay Catholic Evangelical movement founded in the State of Kerala, India in the Great Jubilee Year of 2000 AD. ‘SHEKINAH’ is a Hebrew word meaning the ‘Glorious Presence of God' and this Ministry stands for bringing the glorious presence of Christ to this world in all the possible ways we can. Perhaps the most ambitious and challenging mission that we have taken up for the Lord and His Church is the Shekinah Televion, a satellite channel based in India which is available through different platforms all over the world.

Shekinah Europe is our new initiative. Our motto is to be the “Face of Jesus and Voice of Church”. The sole aim of this Channel is to reveal God’s intervention through current affairs and form dedicated souls for Lord and the Church, with the power of the Holy Spirit. In an era when majority of the multi media is engaged in spreading negativity by creating distorted, biased and manipulated stories to promote their own selfish goal, by anchoring on positivity, we wish to heighten the ‘hope-level’ of our viewers by revealing the rainbow beyond the dark clouds. In short, our programmes will be inspiring than entertaining, empowering than exciting, redeeming than refreshing.